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Rental Agreement

1.  Building:   The maximum capacity of the building is 299 people.  Due to Fire Code regulations this cannot change.  If more than the maximum amount of people enter the building, we will remove people randomly until the maximum capacity is no longer exceeded.

2.  Security:   The American Legion is not responsible for security (police or  security guards) for your event, they are the responsibility of the renter.  For events open to the public, security must be present before the event begins.

3.  Alcohol Consumption:   No alcohol can be consumed on premise or any adjoining properties without a Certificate of Liability Insurance.  A copy of the liability insurance must be provided to the Frank Marston American Legion Post 33 at the time of payment for the rental.   All events that have alcohol consumption you must  have a least at least one uniformed officer on site at all times.

4.  Smoking:   No smoking is permitted inside the building at anytime, nor the grounds including the area west of the building or the property just north of the building known as the triangle.   Smoking is ONLY permitted on the adjacent property across the street (parking area).

5.  Cleaning:   As the renter, you are responsible for cleaning the building after your event, and all chairs and tables stowed away in their appropriate area.   Cleaning includes removing all debris, sweeping all floors, and mopping (if there were any spills of any kind).   All garbage must be removed from the building and placed in trash containers located on the East side of the building.  All grounds (area around main building, triangle and lots on both East and West  side of building) must be policed and any debris, including cigarette butts must be properly deposed of.  

6.  Event Approval:   All events submitted will need the final approval of the 2nd Vice Commander, Frank Marston American Legion Post 33.  Any events that will have pyrotechnics, foam or water involved will automatically be denied. 

7.  Security Deposit:   Security deposit is required for all events.  A deposit in the amount of $100 is due to secure the date you are requesting, and is non-refundable.  Deposits may be submitted in the form of a cashiers check (made payable to Frank Marston American Legion Post 33) or by credit or debit card.  Any credit or debit card charge-backs you will automatically loose the date you are requesting and will no longer be able to rent/use our space.

8.  Teen Events:   All teen events will be over by 11:30 pm.   Frank Marston American Legion Post 33 will place a request with the Pensacola Police Department (PPD) for two onsite officers.   As the renter  you are responsible for this cost. As of 6/01/2022 the cost is:  $40 per officer, per hour with a five (5) hour minimum.   As the renter you are responsible for staying on premise until the last child has been picked up.

9.  Sound Rental:   We offer sound system rental for all events, and is an additional cost of $200.00.   Sound equipment rental must be requested in advanced.

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